Manny & Mona is a show on the Disney Channel that tells the story of Puerto-Rican born siblings in their rise to stardom

Main CharactersEdit

Rico Rodriguez as Manny Pérez, Actor and Main Character

Raini Rodriguez as Mona Pérez, Actress and Main Character

Chip Epsten as Jacob Montana, Manny & Mona's Agent

George Lopez as Miguel Pérez, Manny & Mona's Dad

Recurring Characters Edit

Jacob Bertrand as Jack "Ham" Smith, Manny's Best Friend

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson, former Miami girl and now a big-time actor and Mona's sworn enemy

Episodes Edit

Season 1 2014-15 Edit

Overall Episode # Episode # Episode Airdate Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 Double Duo 12/5/14 101 2.3 Million

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